Rachael Whitaker

Rachael earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Political Science from the University of Utah and received her Juris Doctorate from Arizona Summit Law School. She graduated in the top ten percent of her class and as Cum Laud with an Order of the Quill distinction.

While attending Arizona Summit Law School, a private law school located in the heart of downtown Phoenix, Rachael was distinguished from her classmates because of her notable research and analytical skills.  Rachael received the Cali award, an award given to the highest grade in the class, in Worker’s Compensation. Rachael was hired by one of the largest legal research companies to assist other students and faculty members with legal research. She also had the opportunity to work as a Teaching Assistant for Civil Procedure and Contracts as well as a Research Assistant for the Dean of Teaching and Learning at Arizona Summit Law School. Rachael moved back to Utah and was admitted to the State Bar. She joined the law firm of Allan & Easton in 2013 as a Family Law, Criminal Defense and Personal Injury attorney.

Rachael offers specialized litigation experience in every aspect of Family Law including, but not limited to: Divorce, modifications, custody disputes, child support issues, parent-time, alimony, paternity, adoption, juvenile, contempt, protective orders, and more. She utilizes mediation and alternative dispute resolution in order to resolve conflicts in the most effective manner possible.

Rachael also has extensive experience with Personal Injury cases. She has over 4 years of experience in dealing with cases ranging from automobile accidents, motorcycle accidents, and slip and falls. She protects the rights of people who are injured, through no fault of their own.  She makes the recovery process as smooth and painless as possible by guiding each case through the complicated insurance process.

Rachael offers a unique insight in to the courtroom process and preferences because of her unique experience working for several different courts. She worked at the Second District Court in Utah and the Court of Appeals in Arizona. Rachael is kind, caring, and compassionate yet an aggressive advocate in behalf of her clients.


6 thoughts on “Rachael Whitaker

  1. I currently have joint custody of my son with his father. However I’m planning on moving out of state and need to return to meditation for modifications. I would like to know if I’m better off with an attorney or going back to mediation without one.

  2. Hey Rachael, it’s Shaun C…I need a divorce lawyer, so your my choice. Can you give me an estimate on cost.

    Thanks Shaun

  3. If you are looking for a divorce attorney and custody attorney Rachael is great she is compassionate hard working and wants the best for her clients.

  4. I highly recommend you work with Rachael Whitaker! She worked through my divorce process with me. She was professional, experienced, honest and guided me through the complexity in a very clear, simple manner. She was a flawless attorney and I’ll recommend her to all my friends!

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